About ISHC

For the design, fabrication and installation of commercial HVAC systems, turn to ISHC.

We are recognized and respected as an industry leader setting the standard for quality, efficiency and cost savings throughout the Southwest. We gain a competitive edge by recruiting and hiring the best-trained employees in the industry and by infusing cutting-edge technology, including BIM and the Robotic Total Stations through the life cycle of every project. We excel at accurately projecting costs, scheduling and profitability resulting in the flawless completion of projects on time.and on budget.

Our BIM team is comprised of highly-qualified engineers who produce a high level of coordinated designs. Their virtual HVAC models are designed to eliminate errors, improve productivity, reduce waste and lower costs.

At project completion, we turn over our 3-D BIM drawing as an as-built model valuable tool for ongoing maintenance and future expansion. In terms of fabrication, our 35,000 square foot facility is state-of-the-art. We manufacture exceptional ductwork that meets or exceeds SMACNA standards. With our fully-automated coil line 20′ HD plasma table TDC and welding stationsour team is efficient and effectivein producing every aspectof every projectto exact specifications.

We fabricate only what we need. Cut to length, recycle all metals and pre-assemble in our plantall of which gives us a time and materials advantage. And when it comes to installation, ISHC has completed projects of every size in every sector of the commercial construction industry.

We leverage our internal BIM department, fabrication facility and our investment in technology to bring the highest possible efficiency and quality to the job site.

Our foremen all utilize iPads onsite to ensure accuracy throughout the installation process. And with our use of the Total Robotic Stations’ pinpoint accuracy a single ISHC employee can perform all jobsite layout, measurement and hanger tasks for maximum flexibility and cost savings.

Plus, you’ll appreciate the fact that ISHC values safety above all else. We hire a 3rd party consultant to oversee safety policies and onsite safety.

We are ISHC: a highly-competitive industry leader in the design, fabrication and installation of commercial HVAC systems. We invite you to connect with us today

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