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Installation Service Heating Cooling (ISHC) is an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of commercial HVAC systems. By setting standards for safety, quality, efficiency, and cost savings, ISHC accurately projects costs and profitability for our clients. ISHC has completed projects of every size and in every sector of the commercial construction industry. We are also proud of our work on school campuses ranging from higher education sites to elementary schools. We come to the table with a clear vision designed to eliminate errors, improve productivity, reduce waste, and lower costs.

Key to our success are our diverse and highly trained employees who give us a competitive edge. Our team is efficient and effective in producing every aspect of every project to exact specifications. The BIMCo unit, a Building Information Modeling company within ISHC, produces a high level of coordinated designs for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical. Also under the ISHC umbrella is G90 Manufacturing, our commercial ductwork manufacturing company, populated by skilled employees. Our management team is not only knowledgeable about the actual work we do but also invested in our community where they sit on boards or engage in charitable organizations. They represent what the best our industry and state expect of a vibrant company.

From the onset of a project to its completion, ISHC infuses cutting edge technology throughout the life cycle of every project. Most importantly, our work comes in on time and on budget. ISHC has a track record of accurately projecting costs, scheduling and profitability. We fabricate only what we need. As an example, we cut to length, recycle all metals, and pre-assemble in our plant. This gives us a times and materials advantage translating into the highest profitability and efficiency for our clients.

ISHC’s 35,000 square foot facility is state-of the art. We manufacture exceptional ductwork that meets or exceeds SMACNA standards. Our foremen utilize iPads onsite to ensure accuracy throughout an installation. Additionally, with our use of the Total Robotic Stations’ pinpoint accuracy, a single ISHC employee can perform all job site layout, measurement and hanger tasks for maximum flexibility and cost savings.

A game changer for our industry is our 3D scanner. It gives us the capability to retrofit existing buildings. For example, we can go into an existing building and convert that which the scanner views into an actual building model. It takes the guesswork out of measuring all existing installations and turn that which needs upgrading into a functioning twenty-first century building. Of course, we do not simply leave a project upon completion. We turn over our 3-D BIM drawings as an as-built model, a valuable tool for ongoing maintenance and future expansion.

In a fast-paced and ever changing industry, a company cannot rest on past successes. We are constantly innovating and searching for cutting edge technology, which will give our clients the strongest leg up for their success. ISHC uses Safety Counseling to ensure and provide a safe and comprehensive work site environment. This provides for a productive atmosphere.

We are ISHC – an industry leader which harnesses the latest technology to stay efficient and competitive.